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My Air Conditioner Freezes Occasionally, Is That Normal?
An Air Conditioning Unit & System That Is Properly Engineered, Designed, Installed, & Started Up With The Correct Refrigerant Charge Will Not Freeze Up.
1. Can low refrigerant levels cause my ac system to freeze? R-22 or 407c is designed to operate with suction pressures of 68.8 PSIG. If your HVAC equipment uses R-22, freezing will occur when the pressure drops to a low 57.6 PSIG.
2. What is causing my HVAC unit to get frozen? The easiest thing a Houston Homeowner can do before they call in for an emergency ac repair is checking your air filter. If your air cleaner is clogged, it will block the airflow traveling across your HVAC cooling coils. Your filters protect your air condition from getting dirty. Not changing your purifier will cause your air conditioner to trap filth. Cleaning a dirty HVAC unit can be expensive & difficult to perform. It is best to avoid a professional coil cleaning at all costs. Proper scheduled maintenance will help prevent a 24 Hour AC Repair Houston service call.
3. Can A faulty blower cause your air conditioning system to freeze up? Yes, a faulty furnace motor can cause your air conditioner to get frozen. If the required airflow isn’t traveling across your HVAC heat exchangers, your air conditioner will build up ice. A malfunctioning furnace motor does not always mean the motor is bad. There are other components in your HVAC that might be causing the problem.

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How Often Should I Clean My Evaporator & Condenser Coil?
Replacing Your Air Filter When It Is 30% – 40% Used, Can Keep Your Evaporator Clean for 20+ Years.
How Often Should I Clean My Evaporator Condenser Coil
1. Does location matter where my outdoor condenser is installed. Installing your HVAC in a well-ventilated, clean area is always the best location. Dryer vents should be at least 25ft away from all HVAC systems. Wind can easily blow & carry lint long distances to clog up your HVAC unit. All shrubs, plants, grass, trees should be trimmed to prevent vegetation from inhabiting your air conditioning. It would be best to have your HVAC unit turned off when you have a landscaping task near your air conditioner. Your HVAC acts like a vacuum cleaner when operating. Its motors will cause airborne particles to enter its coils. Once the fins get covered with dirt, you will need to call for a professional 24 Hr AC Repair Houston service. One of the added benefits of choosing to install your air conditioning on the rooftop is that you don’t have to worry about weeds, grass, & dirt entering your HVAC equipment. Houston Heights, Midtown, Montrose, & Galleria real estate is scarce, especially in townhomes. Most Houston Townhomes with a small backyards don’t often have the best location for your Houston Heights, Midtown, Montrose, & Galleria air conditioning unit.
2. How do I clean my HVAC equipment? It is best to use water to rinse out your air conditioning. Only use chemicals if your HVAC is severely clogged up. Always keep water and chemicals away from the electrical area. Never clean the HVAC while the unit is on. Severe HVAC component damage could occur if water enters your electrical area. Keep all water away from capacitors & contactors. Be careful capacitors store power & can kill you. Even with the air conditioning turned off, capacitors can hold a violent charge for a few hours. It is best to call 24 Hrs AC Repair Houston even for a cleaning


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How Do I Install & Wire A Thermostat?
Installing A T-Stat Is Easy. When Purchasing A New Temperature Controller From Your Hardware Store, It’s Easier To Replace It If It’s Similar To One That You Are Replacing.
1. What do the wire colors mean behind my thermostat? There are four different wire colors commonly always used when installing your thermostat. You only need four wires to operate a t-stat, while some systems need five. Temperature controls with batteries eliminate the need for a fifth or common cable to be professionally installed. Smart thermostats are best installed with a common line for maximum reliability & compatibility. Installing a smart t-stat can be tricky and best left to professional 24/7 AC Repair Houston Montrose Galleria Bellaire service technician. Your main cord that provides the 24 volts to all your other wires is the red wire. When the A/C calls for cooling, your controller distributes the critical 24 Volts to your yellow line. Many times the 24 volt cable gets chopped up by garden equipment resulting in a 24 7 AC Repair Houston service call. As a Houston, Texas homeowner, it’s your responsibility to protect and tuck away all 24 volt cables safely. Your green line is responsible for your blower motor to be energized in the attic. The green line provides the vital airflow needed to circulate air in your ducts. Red, yellow & green are always powered in cooling mode, while white is only used in heating mode. Blue is most commonly used as a common.  
2. My smart thermostat has an error code, how do I fix It? As complicated as it may sound, troubleshooting a nest t-stat issue is easy. There are a few areas you can check before you place a 24 Hour AC Repair Houston Service Call. Since your Nest is hooked up with 24 volts, check if all your breakers are on. Check if you have water in your drain pan. There is a float switch that will turn off all 24 v power going to your Nest. If you discover that your float switch has been activated, you’ll need maintenance to clear your drains for proper drainage. As a Houston Heights, Northside, Spring Branch, Memorial Tx Homeowner, you can easily use a wet-vac to unclog your pipes and drain pan to remove the slime from your HVAC equipment. Once the slime is removed and your drainage cleared, your air conditioning should function.



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